This is a training exercise that was undertaken by the professionalism of Staffordshire Fire Service today and shows you how powerful an airbag is when it deploys! The training dummy is around the weight of 13 stone….
from Fulford and District Community First Responders http://ift.tt/1VHAOer

Turtle Engineering Ltd

Turtle Engineering have been out today to the local Community Defibrillator in Creswell to fit a left hand opening door on the defibrillator Cabinet. The cabinet is situated in the red iconic phone box, this is to enable ease of access to the defibrillator in emergency situations due to the lack of space in the phone box.Turtle Engineering are a company that design and make external defibrillator enclosures that are dotted around the UK housing the life saving equipment that are ready in the event of an emergency!
from Fulford and District Community First Responders http://ift.tt/1LnxUqT