Group Members

Responders and committee members can be found below. They are in alphabetical order by surname.

Mel Avis (Secretary) Mel responded as a CFR for the group between 2011 and 2015, she has been an active Committee Member and took on the role of Group Secretary in 2014. She says that she learnt so much being a Community First Responder. The initial training and ongoing skills updates from WMAS were excellent and the ongoing support and advice from my co-responders was incredible – we are so lucky to have this life-saving resource in our rural community. This is no ‘run-of-the-mill’ volunteering experience, it requires whole-hearted commitment from the individual, but what you get back responding for a group like this is priceless (and you get it back in spades!) She is very proud to have responded with such dedicated bunch.

Dudley Avis (Committee) Committee since June 2020

Gemma Buckley (CFR Trainee) Trainee since June 2021 – Im a qualified small animal veterinary nurse working at a large referral hospital in Stoke on Trent. During the the covid pandemic I signed up as a volunteer with St Johns Ambulance to help deliver the vaccination. After such a rewarding experience I made the decision that I would like to continue to volunteer within my local community. I discovered that WMAS were training and deploying Community First Responders. Following an intensive training course and meeting some wonderful people along the way, I’m very honoured to be able to respond alongside my fellow CFR,s

Allen Gilbert (CFR & Coordinator) CFR since October 2010
Allen is as a Senior IT Field Engineer he has been in his current role for 6 years, and has been working in IT for around 25 years in total! He also works part time for the Ambulance service on the High Dependency contract. He has been a CFR since 2010 when he started as a volunteer for Brown Edge and Endon Group but transferred over to Fulford when he moved to Meir. He also joined Fulford Parish council July 2021.

Michael (Sean) Runnalls CFR since September 2018

Mike Taylor (CFR & Chairman)
CFR since December 2009
Mike is an Enhanced CFR, and has been involved in community groups since he was 18. He is a dad of one and runs his own business. Mike is also blue light trained and a qualified teacher. He enjoys spending time in the outdoors on things like walking and climbing.

Dave Thomas (Committee) Ex-CFR since March 2013

Jane White (CFR & Treasurer) CFR since March 2017